Food and Travel Lovers, Say Goodbye to Restaurants. VizEat is About to Change Your Life…

I discovered something absolutely incredible while I was at TBEX travel bloggers convention. Something that will change the way I eat around the world forever. And it’s NOT found in a restaurant.

It’s called VizEat, and it hooks you up with a home cooked meal made with love by a local, in their very own kitchen….ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD. Well, almost anywhere. Currently, 18 cities worldwide. But the fabulous news? It’s growing, fast.  And here’s the exciting part! I will be working with them to help grow their Madrid branch come September. No, I will not be getting rich from it. So why in the world am I doing it?

Because it’s something I truly believe in.

Since living in my tiny ol’ village of Spain for the past year, I’ve become extraordinarily close with tons of local families, many of whom have invited me to their houses to eat. However, there is one family in particular who has taken me in as their own. (Big shout out to Alena and Andres!) I go to their home every Wednesday, where they cook me a homemade dinner seasoned with layers upon layers of love (and Spanish Paprika). Did I ever tell you guys how much I love Wednesday’s? Well, I really, really do. Like, a lot… Anyway. As you can imagine, they are both absolutely incredible cooks and all of their food is FATtabulous. But what makes my Wednesday’s with them special is not just the food, (although that’s a HUGE part of it), but the exchanging of cultures. I know what you’re probably thinking…save the sappy stuff. But it’s true! By watching them cook, learning how to cook traditional Spanish dishes with them, and experiencing how a Spanish family eats in the comfort of their own home…

Cooking some dinner at my neighbors house in the pueblo… Would you eat it? #pueblolife

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It’s worth a price that the finest restaurant in the world could never compete with.

Now, I realize that not every traveler has the luxury of living in an authentic foreign village, where 8 months later families are practically chucking homemade fish at you…IMG_3595When you’re traveling from city to city for a week or so at a time, it’s a little more difficult to form bonds with locals who will take you in and stuff you to the gills until you can’t move anymore.

That’s where VizEat comes into play. Or into cook, I should say.

So, How does it work?

1) Search VizEat for your location of choice. A selection of local hosts will come up, along with their planned meal. Each host has a profile, where you can check out their age, language spoken, interests, profession, make sure they’re not crazy, blah blah blah. You know, the works.

2) Pick your awesome host and delocalicious meal. Then, chat with them and get to know your hosts a little better beforehand! Special requests welcome 😉

3) Put your fat pants on, show up to your host’s house…and bon a appetit! Eat, drink, chat and be merry.

Disclaimer: There is a high chance you will fall in love with their culture, and maybe even them. Why? There’s no better way to a person’s heart than through their stomach.

Check out photos from other people’s VizEat meals here. I couldn’t help but to crash…

Hungry yet? Follow this link to book a hot date with a local family in [insert awesome city here]!

Has a local ever cooked you dinner before? How did it turn out?! Sharing your foodstory is (almost) as as good as eating it!

4 thoughts on “Food and Travel Lovers, Say Goodbye to Restaurants. VizEat is About to Change Your Life…

  1. WhatdoIthink????? I think you’re amazing!!!!!Don’t worry about money – follow your bliss – the rest will come!!!! I long to see you!!!!!

  2. Great post! We don’t know whether we’re booking holidays based on the food provided through Vizeat’s host or actually going for the destinations themselves, lol!

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