Scootering with an Italian through the Almalfi Coast

And let the Italian adventure… BEGIN!

For the first few days of my time in the Almalfi Coast, I had the privilege of collaborating with the one and only Simone Repetto, travel blogger for Expedia Italy; a.k.a. the man, the legend, and the connoisseur of all things Italy. And all things pizza. Therefore, when doing Almalfi…we did it right.

On foot? PSHH. Hellz no. On SCOOTER.

Bright n’ early at 10 am the morn’ after my (really long and exhausting) arrival, Simone showed up at the door of my hostel awaiting for me, helmet in hand. He said, “zee best…no wait, zee only way to see the coast of Almalfi…is with zis baby.”

Let’s do this damn thing.

And like always, Simone was hella’ right. We went all the way from the start of the Almalfi in Positano, to the end in Minori. Needless to say, it was absolutely, drop dead, gorgeous. The villages along the coast are simply stunning, and seeing them on scooter gave us the freedom to hop from one to the next on our own schedule.

Spastic Travel Lesson, Part 2:

When you’re traveling in Europe and want to see a lot of space in a little time, on your own watch… rent a scooter! It’s the most efficient, b-e-a-utiful, and FUN way to see a place. And, it’s super Euro (you’ll feel like one of the scootering locals in no time!) Even better? Find a local to do the driving! You might see your life flash before your eyes a couples of times, but the adrenaline rush and the feeling of true “Eurofication” is totes worth it.

Have you explored Europe on a scooter before? If so, WHERE?!

3 thoughts on “Scootering with an Italian through the Almalfi Coast

  1. Some things a Quacamamamia should not view…that being said, it looks like you were having so much fun. Next visit, scootering through Espana?

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