[VIDEO] Horseback Riding up an Active Volcano in Naples, Italy

I put my daredevil pants on, strapped my Go Pro to my head, hopped on a beautiful horse named Stella, and galloped to the top of Mount Vesuvius. “Oh, just a mountain, you say?” WRONG. Mount Vesuvius is actually the only active volcano left in mainland Europe. And the best part? I made it out ALIVE! Don’t ya’ just love when that happens? Check out the video ladies and gents. And if you want to feel my fear, and maaaaybe even scream along with me from your seats…watch ’til the end. LOL…


Passing Mount Vesuvius and want in on the fun? You can go horseback riding in Naples too! Just call my good ol’ friends at Vesuvius Horseback Riding Tour.

Now, let’s chat about it! Are you daring enough to horseback ride up mainland Europe’s only active volcano? Have you had an awesome horseback trav-venture somewhere else in the world? Can you recommend anywhere else to do it? Tell us, tell us!

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