#FridayFinds, Madrid’s Best Cafes! Wanda Optimist Cafe & Bistro in Salamanca

By the time lunch comes around, you’re tired. You don’t want to work any more, and don’t want to dare to think about all the other things that need to get done in the afternoon…and you’ze HANGRY! Well, famished friends; I’ve got the PERFECT solution for your mid-day boost!

It’s called Wanda Cafe in Salamanca.

And they actually call themselves an “optimist cafe.”  How can a cafe be optimistic, you ask? Well, the minute you walk in, you’ll understand…1

The Vibe

It’s not just another trendy cafe newly opened in Madrid with a “unique” concept. This place has got somethin’ different. The split second you enter the doors, you’re greeted by electrifying neon colors and funky abstract art, all euphorically put together in an open, airy space.2 You’ll feel the energy of the lunch rush pulsating through yo’ veins and straight into your (empty) stomach; marked by hustling waiters and waitresses (who, BTW, also happen to all be extraordinarily attractive…) and trendy people devouring lunch, dinner, or a mid-day snack with friends and lovers. But the place doesn’t just looks pretty…it tastes downright incredible too!

The FoodUntitled design (77)

International cuisine with a local Spanish flair, the food is so good you won’t want to share! LOL- I know, I’m the next Dr. Seuss. But forrealz. The ingredients are as fresh as a flower. Each dish is “plated”, or put together with care and an outstanding attention to detail. Like the rest of the restaurant space, each plate is beautiful. But not only is it beautiful…the flavors and quality match its beauty! While there are your typical Spanish dishes like croquetas and salmorejo (which, btw, is one of the best salmorejo’s I’ve had here in Madrid), there is a fusion of international dishes as well, done exquisitely: like Moroccan tabouli, Indian chicken tikka-masala and Thai noodle stir fry. And the surprise at the end…

Find it: Warning! It’s tucked away in Salamanca, hidden behind a magazine stand. You’ve gotta know about it to go!

Wanda Café Optimista

Calle de María de Molina, 1 (Metro Gregorio Marañón)

Give ’em a call: +34 917 37 53 64

Hours: Monday- Thursday: 8 am -2am, Saturday: 10 am- 2am, Sunday: Closed

Where are your fave international cafes in Madrid?! Let’s chat over some coffee! Or a ginormous daiquiri…

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