#Friday(not)Finds: MIA in Morocco

Hello friends! Or should I say…

Ssalamū ‘lekum!

Incase you didn’t know, that’s hello in Moroccan Arabic. (And I didn’t know until I looked it up on google just now, so don’t feel bad…)

If you’re reading this thinking this is another AWC blog post…STOP! This is actually not a real blog post. Well, I guess it’s not fake. But, it’s not real. It’s  more of a 5 second drop-in PSA to inform you all:

I am off to Morocco today!Adios España, heló Morocco!

And I am leaving my beloved laptop at home, for the first time since the start of my blog. Therefore, I may or may not be completely MIA for the next 12+ days. Gasp! Yes, I say 12+ because I have bought a one-way ferry ticket from Tarifa, Spain to Tangier, Morocco.  There, I’m renting a car and driving up the Moroccan Mediterranean coast! We shall see where my Moroccan adventures take me…

So, if you don’t hear from me for a bit longer than usual, not to worry! I’ll be kickin’ it along the Moroccan coast- eatin’ tagine, drinkin’ mint tea, shoppin’ in the souks and bathin’ in hammams.

See ya’ when I’m back in España, world!


Tell me, have you been to Morocco?! What places can you recommend?! Cities you loved? Must-eat foods?! Recommendations welcome!!!

5 thoughts on “#Friday(not)Finds: MIA in Morocco

  1. Good morning Casie,

    I was going to mention some tips about Portugal but I will focus now in Morocco.

    Great decision to go there.

    My few trip tips,

    1.- how do you arrive in Tarifa?. If by car, when you pass Vejer de la Frontera, worth the short detour, you will see a venta called Venta Pinto, at la Barca de Vejer. Please, do order there un bocata de lomo en manteca. That will be the last pork you eat once you arrive in Morocco.

    2.- now we are already in Morocco. Do not miss Chechaouen, fantastic place to go, not far from Tetouan. This latter town has also a very nice medinah.

    3.- close to Tangier, Asilah is a great place with its Portuguese walls.

    4.- not knowing how south you will drive and as rule of thumb, in Morocco the further south the nicer the driving is, but if your plan is to go south, Ouarzazate is one of fave place and Fez as well.

    5.- southernmost place I have driven is Merzouga in the Sahara Desert. Sunrise in the dunes is top in travel guides.

    6.- Marrakech is ok but I always try to avoid staying too long. Too touristic in my view.

    7.- foodwise: I adore Moroccan food. Pastila is my favourite. In theory prepared with pidgeon meat. A very delicate brick pastry.
    Any tajine is a perfect option as well. Don not forget the harira, a staple dish in Ramadan, so tasty. And last, almond sweets are incredible. Actually our turrón and polvorones, among other recipes, come from the time of Arab invasion of Spain. If you like honey, try chuparquía(this is Spanish think that something like chebbakia in Arab).
    Last but not least, tea at all time with yerbabuena.

    For your information, though I was born in Sevilla, I grew up in Ceuta, just in the boder with Morocco, this explains somehow my passion for that country.

    Enjoy tour trip.


  2. I think you’re incredible!!!! Are you going alone or with your Mom/friend???? The only thing I know about Morocco is way way back during WW2 your grandfather Hank was stationed in Algiers and some where I have a ring that says Algiers – 1940 something on it!!!! I promised it to your Dad. Have a wonderful time – be careful – be safe!!! A-L xoxo

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