#FridayFinds Beautified: Madrid’s Best Hair Stylist

Madrid’s #FridayFinds is getting BEAUTIFIED.

Now, I love my hair as much as the next girl despised as Mexican food. As a serial wanderer, I always say, you’re not truly settled into a city until you have a good hair stylist! So, I used my investigate food skills to find me the best darn hair connoisseur Madrid’s got to offer.

And, I found him. In a basement in barrio Salamanca. 

His name is Leo, and he is an independent stylist. He works out of his apartment, which he’s transformed into a fully equipped (and super cute!) salon. He’s been choppin’ locks with cariño, style and amorrr his whole life, and it shows! Let’s let the BEFORE and AFTER do the talkin’, shall we?somebody HELP HER!!

Yup. He’s an artist. And, he speaks incredibly amazing English! Not to mention, he’s super affordable; because he works out of his apartment, you are paying less for the highest quality ‘do.

Maybe I love him and his work so much because he’s Mexican, and ya’ know, I’m a Casiedilla. But one thing is for sure: I wouldn’t be nearly as fabulously picante if it weren’t for him.

Whether you are passing through Madrid and need a new ‘do, or you are living here and want the best damn hair in this city, one thing is fo’ sho: Leo is your guy.

Here’s the info:

Leo Rodriguez: Hair Stylist & Make Up Artist

e-mail: leomakemakeup@hotmail.es

Pricing: Cut- 20€

Wash & Style: 10€- 20€ depending on length of hair

Color: 30 €

He does make up also! Ask for pricing separately.

Hours: Monday- Friday 10 a.m. to 7p.m., Saturday mornings 10a.m. to 2p.m.

How do I make a reservation? The best way to message him is on his stylist Facebook page!

So, who’s ready to get beautified? What are your experiences at hair stylists in foreign countries?

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