#FridayFinds: Mama Campo, Eco-Food Right from your Madrileña Mama’s Garden

It’s time to do some spring cleaning! And no, I don’t mean in the closet-overflowing-with-shoes sense. (Well, maybe that too…) However, I’m talking spring cleaning of your body! Bikini season is approaching, ladies! And men, since we’re in Europe…get those Speedos ready!! It’s time to D-E-T-O-X.

But that doesn’t mean we have to do it without eating really, really, really delicious food. Thus, I bring you:

Mama Campo.

 An ecological bistro at Plaza de Olavide.Untitled design (100)

The food is 100% organic and of the highest quality; and straight from mama’s garden! The best part? Unlike most “trendy” organic cafes, Mama Campo is not over priced.

You know how mamas always seem to have everything taken care of, for any and all occasions? It’s that magic mama-ness, that has you saying “how does she do it?!?” Well, Mama Campo is no different. There is something for every hungry, healthy occasion. Actually, Mama’s got 4 “locations,” all attached right next to each other.

For healthy tapas, a scrumptious eco-lunch, or a good cup o’ coffee and cake: La Cantinamamas cake

For a deliciously detox-ful dinner: El RestauranteUntitled design 2

For all your organic kitchen needs: La TiendaUntitled design 3

And finally, true to Mama’s character: if YOU’RE a mama…La Cocinita is a workshop and play center to teach kids about healthy living. Gotta start ’em young!

The details: Mama Campo

Find it: Calle Trafalger, 22 (Metro Quevedo or Iglesia- Chamberí neighborhood)

Phone: +34 914 47 41 38

So, who’s ready for some spring cleaning?

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