Exciting News: I’m Now Offering a Madrid Tapas Tour!

AWC has a big, super exciting announcement to make! Drum roll please…

I’m now offering a tapas tour through Madrid!

I’ve partnered with Trip4Real to create an EPIC tapas experience that will take you on a culinary ride through the flavors of Spain.

Here’s the concept:

The beauty of Madrid is that it’s smack dab in the middle of the country. What’s that mean for the foodie scene? There’s an incredible culinary influence from all areas of Spain, right within a 15 minute walk! While flavors & styles of tapas greatly vary from one Spanish province to the next, one thing remains the same: The fast paced, high energy, tapas scene. So, I’m going  to share my passion with you, and take you to my favorite local tapas spots, right here in the center of it all!


We’ll start in the north of Spain, at a Basque- styled “pintxo bar” in the charming La Latina neighborhood. Then, we’ll taste wines from Rioja and Catalonia at a local wine bar, accompanied with Madrid’s best “tortilla de patatas.” Next, we’ll pass through Austurias at my fave Austurian sidrería,  or cider and tapas bar. Finally, we’ll end south at a lively Andalucian fried fish spot.

I’m even going to include a mini lesson on “how to order tapas like a local in Spanish”, that way you guys can do it yourself once I’m gone;)


1) 50€ per person: Includes a tapa and drink of choice at each spot! And of course, yours truly, AWC as your tour guide.

Smiles, laughter and a full stomach included in the price of admission!

Sign up & learn more HERE!Untitled design

Incase you can’t already tell by the enthusiasm of this blog post, I am beyond excited to share my love for tapas with you guys! Not only that, but now I get the chance to meet YOU, my wonderful readers! I hope to see you here in Madrid. I’ll be waiting for you, fork and caña in hand.

What are you most interested in experiencing on a tapas tour? Is there anything specific you’d be dying to try in Madrid?!

Let's Chat! Whattya think?