#FridayFinds: Bitemojo, A New Travel App to “Bite” your Way through the World

Happy, Happy #FridayFinds!  This Friday, instead of ME finding you a hidden hungry gem, I found an app to help YOU find one; all by your foodie self! But not just in Madrid. Anywhere around the world…

It’s called BiteMojo.

It’s a brand new app, designed to help you “bite” your way through a city, trying its most authentic, local food on a self-guided tour. It’s being launched this July 2016 in what better city, than Berlin! If you read my posts from Berlin, you’ll know much I adore that city…and its food. Here’s how the Bitemojo concept separates itself from all those other foodie-travel apps out there:

  • It designs a personalized “bite” tour around a city, enabling you to take your very own self-guided food tour, sampling from a city’s best-of-the-best local restaurants.
  • It’s “bite” styled, which allows you to munch your way through a city, trying a bite-full of different foods! Similar to the concept of tapas, but gone WORLDWIDE!
  • You get to meet the chefs behind the food. Show them you’re a bitemojo-er, and get to meet the culinary stars behind your plates, hear their stories, and found out the inside-scoop about the food your eating.
  • Discounts, discounts, discounts! By registering for a self-guided foodie tour through a city, you get a 29€ package deal to eat your way through the city! So, you’re saving lots of sweet, sweet moola. Woohoo!

After the big Berlin launch, Bitemojo is going to TAKE OVER THE WORLD! Muahahahaha. But forreal. 

In fact, I’m such a strong believer in the app that I hopped on the Bitemojo bandwagon and decided to help the BM team spread the word. And you guys know, I don’t team up with just any app…my hungry stomach had a good feeling about this one. I even shared my own “bite of life” story with them, about how Spanish jamón in Fregenal de la Sierra essentially changed my life. LOL… Actually, though. Read it here, and share your own “bite of life” story with them!

So, what now?

Sign Up!

You’ll be the first to know about Bitemojo’s launch, super yummy deals, and you’ll get BITECREDITS! That is, credits for discounted bites around the world. Here’s an insider preview of what it’s gonna look like:

Where are some of the best bites you’ve had from around zee world? Do you know of any awesome foodie-travel apps?! What’s your go-to app?! Hungry minds want to know!


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