(Not So) Epic Surfing in San Sebastian

Well kids…surfing is hard.

Like, really, really hard. I took a whack at it for the first time in where else, but Spain’s surfer haven: San Sebastian! Known for its gnarly waves, high winds and chilled out surfer vibe, it’s the perfect spot to put your epic “surfabality” to the test. Or, in my case, lack of…

Ok, ok. You can laugh. But it’s not as easy as all the surfers make it look! Not to mention, the extreme rain conditions and high winds makes it nearly impossible to hold your surf board…

surfing in san sebastian

It took 8 attempts to get this pic. This was the first one the surf board didn’t fly out of our hands…

Take classes!

There’s no way I would’ve made it out alive of the big ocean blue if it wasn’t for my amazing surf instructor from Blue Motion, and the whole fab team. If it’s your first time, I highly recommend taking a class with them! No reservations in advance needed. Just waltz right in, and tell them “Yo quiero surfear.” Your instructor will be with you before you can say cowabunga! 

Find them on Facebook here.

So, who’s ready to go surfing in San Sebastian?! Have you ever tried? Are you a pro? Share your gnarly story with us! Surfssss up!

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