24 Hours of Local, Cheap Eats in Barcelona

Ohhhhh Barcelona. There’s something simply enchanting about the city. A bustling metropolis snuggled up right next to the beautiful, blue Mediterranean…

cheap eats barcelona

Wanna’ know what else it enchants?

Yo’ wallets.

One day into my one week stay, I  became a victim of the the shiny artisan ice cream shops, fancy tapas bars, craft beer pubs, tucked away pastry shops…

My stomach was feeling big and my wallet small.

So, I had to make a change. Because the center of Barcelona is pretty much overrun by tourism, almost every place has tourist prices. Even the adorable, tiny, side street bars & restaurants. So, I went on a mission…

Find one day’s worth of amazing, local cheap eats…on a budget of 25€.

So, the search began!

After lots of trial and error, I’ve compiled a day’s worth of my favorite spots. Tummies ready?

Your 24 Hour Guide to Local, Cheap Eats in Barcelona:

Good Morning! Healthy artisan yogurt or traditional pan tumaca to start you day?

Grab & go yogurt from Granja Armengol

cheap eats barcelona

Traveling makes you feel…bloated. To put it nicely. It was soooo amazing to start my day off with a nice, fresh, locally made yogurt, right off the Armengol family farm outside of Barcelona! The Armengols have been producing and selling freshly made yogurt since 1951. In this little Barrio Grácia market, you’ll find locals doing their grocery shopping (mostly “YOcery” shopping) and Catalan families stopping in for yogurts on-the-go.

Must-try: The coffee yogurt. It’s bangin’.

Price: .60 ¢ – 1.50 €.

Find it: Carrer de Còrsega, 205

Or, sit down for the traditional Catalan breakfast: Pan tumaca

pan tumaca
via flickr @Pim Techamuanvivit

This is the Catalan staple, eaten for breakfast and throughout the day with meals. This simple bread dressed with tomato, olive oil, garlic and salt is a must, whether you have it in the morning or afternoon. Any bar (away from La Rambla) should have this local go-to for a reasonable price.

Price: Never pay more than 3 €!!

Find it: I tried a bunch all over Barcelona, and all are comparable…and delicious! I can’t name one that was especially outstanding, but all were great. (If you know a spot that you think has the best, comment below with the name!!)

It’s lunch time! Take a load off at La Rovira, a local tapas, sandwich & craft beer bar

cheap eats barcelona

cheap eats barcelona

…ALL FOR 8.20€! I fell into this little local gem by chance, drawn in the by the cozy-cute atmosphere. Within 30 seconds of getting a whiff of the smells from the kitchen and spotting the 20 + local craft beers on tap, I was in love. When I say “local”, this bar is as “local” as it gets. It’s owned by a lifelong resident of Barrio Grácia who took her passion for local beers and great food and opened up this bar one year ago in honor of the annual Fiestas de Grácia. She wanted to create a space for locals to enjoy great food, great beers and great company, all at local prices. “A home away from home!” as the delightful waitress said. Don’t believe that it’s a non-tourist zone? They only had a Catalan menu! Not even a Spanish one. However, they dug up their one and only English menu for me,  hidden deep in the depths of a drawer. Every sandwich is named after a street in Grácia and every beer is made by a local brewery.

Price: 8.20 € for the menu: a big ol’ salad, gourmet “barrio” sandwich, craft beer, and a dessert or coffee.

Find itCarrer de Rabassa, 23 (Gracia)

Dinner anyone? Tapa the night away at Jai-Ca

cheap eats barcelona

We were walking back from the beach, sun burnt and starving. And then we came across this place; it was like all of our hangry dreams came true. You know when you just have a good vibe about a place? Well, this was one of those times. This super traditional Catalan-styled tapas bar was bustling with people, locals and tourists alike. Located just a block away from Barceloneta Beach, they’re known for their seafood tapas but everything is downright finger-lickin’ good! Oh…and don’t forget to finish it off with a little somethin’ somethin’ sweet! Ladies and gents, I present to you the almighty crema catalana.

cheap eats barcelona

Ain’t she a beaut?

Price: 5€ average for a tapa!

Find it: Carrer de Ginebra, 13 (Barceloneta)

Don’t let those after dinner drinks add up €€… Go to Tasca El Corral!

Hidden on a side street in Barri Gotic (The Gothic Quarter), it’s about as “typical Barcelona” as you can get. With jamón legs hanging from the walls, an FC Barcelona flag proudly plastered on the ceiling and loud boisterous waiters, you’ll definitely get a “sip” of local Barca! The waiters became my week-long best friends and I quickly became addicted to their 1€ Vermouth (the best I’ve had in Spain!) And the coolest part? It’s right underneath Pablo Picasso’s old studio!

cheap eats barcelona

Price: 1€ Vermouth, 1.8€ Beers (the cheapest beers I found in Barcelona!)

Find it: Carrer de la Mercè, 17 (Barrio Gothic)

And that’s a wrap! Now for some math. Estimated total spent per person?

(Breakfast = 1.50€) + (Lunch= 8.20€) +  (Dinner= 12€) + (Drinks = 3€) =

1 day= 24.70 €.

Mission possible.

And I didn’t even have to eat fast food.

So, what do you think about this 24-hour meal plan? Have you found more delish, cheap eats in Barcelona? Sharing is caring!

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