The Perfect Athens Day Trip: Aegina Island

Searching for an Athens day trip? Well my little Greece goers, island paradise is just a 40-minute boat ride away!

I was in Athens for three whole days, and starting to feel a bit antsy for a taste of that Greek island life. My boat ride to Crete was not scheduled to leave for another day, but I just couldn’t wait any longer. I HAD TO LEAVE.

athens day trip

So, I grabbed a map and checked out some of the nearest islands. Without doing much research, Aegina seemed cool, close, and well…islandy! So, one hour later, I was on a boat.

Perusin’ around at my fellow ferry-mates, I quickly realized I was nearly the only non-Greek on the boat. OPA! By talking to a lovely Greek family from Athens (I swear they were straight out of My Big Fat Greek Wedding…)

…we learned that Aegina is actually the go-to island getaway for Athenians! JACKPOT!

And then, we arrived.

athens day trip

By golly, we found paradise!

A purely Greek island through and through, this summer getaway had everything one could want in an Athens day trip. Incredibly crystal blue waters, quaint little beach shops, waterfront Greek taverns and boats galore!

athens day trip

The AWC recommendation for the day?

When ya’ get into the port, rent a bike. DON’T try and walk to the closest beach. I made that mistake, and my feet punished me for it…

Since you only have a day, I recommend exploring the port area and surrounding beaches, as they are stunning, quaint, and not as touristic as the other island beaches. However, if you have more than a day to explore, here is a complete guide to the island: Aegina yo’ self! 

Greek history fun fact: You know Greece’s big blue Aegean Sea? Well, think about it. AEGina Island, AEGean Sea…get it?! In Ancient times, Aegina Island was actually the almighty sea power, rival of Athens.

So, ready to make the city escape and sail off to that dreamy Greek island you fantasized of?

athens day trip

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