QUIZ! What’s Your Perfect Spanish City?

POP QUIZ!!! Many of you guys have reached out to me asking “What city should I visit in Spain?” My answer, time and time again, is “well, depends on who you are and what you like!” So, I had the brilliant idea of making this personality quiz. Now, you can find out what your Spanish soul city is for yourself!

So, kids…how’d you do on the quiz? What’s your perfect Spanish city? Share your outcome with us!

7 thoughts on “QUIZ! What’s Your Perfect Spanish City?

  1. I got Sevilla. Hmmmm, pretty accurate considering I’m Andaluz at heart and lived in Málaga. This was a fun quiz thanks.

  2. I’ve got Fregenal de la Sierra. A little far away from where I live, considering that I am from a middle-size town 60 kilometres away from Barcelona (Manresa).
    Besides, I like your blog a lot. I found it a year ago or so in Verne.elpais.com speaking about your experience in Fregenal de la Sierrra hahah 🙂

  3. I’ve got Fregenal de la Sierra hahah. A little bit far away from where I live considering that I live in a middle-size city in the heart of Catalonia (Manresa).
    Besides, I love your blog and specially the post where you spea about your experience in Fregenal de la Sierra. 🙂

    1. Hey Irene! Thanks for sharing your outcome 🙂 You should think about heading to the southwest of the country and visiting Fregenal! So glad you enjoy my blog. Stay tuned for more and keep sharing your thoughts with us!

      Happy wandering,
      Casie (AWC)

  4. San Sebastian…..I want (almost) year round sunshine….southern Spain rather than Northern Spain is in my focus, but hopefully we can visit San Sebastian sometime. Fun quiz, now I gotta make my husband take it and see if we are on the same page.
    Tracy M

    1. Hola Tracy! You’ve got a point, southern Spain is definitely were the sunshine is! However, the north has its benefits too (if you ask me, better food…cough cough. And thanks to all that rain, greener landscape!) It’ll be interesting to see what result you husband gets. Fill me in when he takes it!


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