GPS Guided Travel Articles: Bye Bye Wifi!

For us hungry travelers, the impossible has just been made possible! Ready for this?

I’ve spent the past 2 years of my travel career wandering from country to country without any phone data. Gasp! For me, it wasn’t worth buying a foreign sim card and paying expensive data charges while traveling, only to be in a country for a week! However, I was recently introduced to this magical app.

Game changer! It’s called GPSmyCity and it’s launching the concept of GPS-Guided Travel Articles.


What the heck is a GPS-Guided Travel Article?

Glad you asked! Allow me to explain: How many times have you done pre-travel research, found an amazing article on local spots to eat in a city, and then haven’t been able to access it upon arrival due to lack of data or spotty wifi? Or, you find an amazing article on hidden gems in NYC, scramble to take notes the old fashioned way, get a cramp in your hand from writing so furiously, and later on lose the paper somewhere in your big travel tote anyway?

The travel struggle is real. The bottom line is this: You want to put your good research to use on the road, but data in a foreign country is expensive, getting a foreign sim card is a pain in the butt, and wifi is downright unreliable. Sometimes, even unattainable.

That’s where GPS Guided Travel Articles save the day! These travel articles are embedded with a map, marking the location of each spot mentioned  by the author, as well as a GPS-guided route on how to get from one place to the next.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: In wifi zone, download the (free!) app, GPSmyCity.

Step 2: Goodbye wifi, adios data! Turn your super smart phone on AIRPLANE mode.

Step 3: Browse thousands of travelriffic articles!

Step 4: Pick your pleasure! In Bahamas? Read articles from the beach! In Switzerland? Plan your chocolate tour from the top of a mountain! No wi-fi, no problem.

Step 5 (optional): Go pro and upgrade that baby to a self-guided GPS tour. For $1.99, you can turn an article you really love into your own, handy little self-guided tour-guide. It will show you exactly how to get from one place to the next, the best route, etc.

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Fo’ real: Why pay big bucks for a tour guide, when you can guide your own tour for $1.99?!

You guys know, when I’m a believer in a travel product that has the potential to make our travelventures even better (and tastier), I want IN, so I can share it with you guys. So, I’ve teamed up with GPSmyCity and turned some of my top travel articles into downloadable articles on the app, via iTunes and Google Play! Hooray!

So you guys can test it out, I’m offering FREE upgrades for my following three articles from Monday, November 7th to Sunday, November 13th:

Your Berlin Food & Drink Guide: The 9 Must-Go-To Places“, “Why Naples, Italy Should be Way More than Just Your Pit Stop” and “NYC Food and Drink Guide: My Little Black Book Revealed“.

Download the articles and play around with them. Give yourself your own GPS guided tour, ’cause why not! It’s fun and FREE! (and us broke, hungry travelers love free).

Want the rest of my articles on the app? Here are all of my 11 articles, available to download (for free) through the app via iTunes App Store:

*If you decide to go ahead and upgrade an article for $1.99, I get a teeny tiny percentage. My blog and I will love you forever for it! Plus, you have AWC’s word, it’ll be the most delicious self-guided tour EVER 😉

Have you ever used GPS Guided Travel Articles? Try ’em out, and share your experience down below!

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