Frankfurt’s Most Authentic Apfelwein Restaurant



Those are the jolly echoes you’ll hear as you enter the doors of Apfelwein Dax. Next, you’ll be greeted by the rosy-faced smiling waiters, skilfully pouring 10 glasses of Apfelwein at a time.

You, my friends, have just walked into the most authentic German Apfelwein restaurant in Frankfurt.

But wait a second. What’s Apfelwein?


Good question! Apfelwein is simply “apple wine”, made from fermented apples. If you’re in Frankfurt, you MUST try it. It’s the official drink of the city, known throughout Germany as the Apfelwein capital. The most typical place to drink Apfelwein is a “shtube“, or a traditional tavern that specializes in Hessisch regional food and home-brewed drinks.


Last night, I was wandering through the streets of Frankfurt on the hungry search for the city’s most authentic Apfelwein tavern. As you guys might know by now, I’m (admittedly) a serial Germany traveler. As it’s my 5th visit here to gut ol’ Germany (after Berlin, Munich, Cologne and Wiesbaden)…well, my expectations for “authenticity” were high! I wouldn’t settle for anything less than a wood furnished hole-in-the-wall, characterized by long tables, big beers, the smell of sausages and jovial Germans. After teaming up with my “German potato” Luisa and prying local knowledge….By golly, we got what we bargained for!

Apfelwein Dax.

If you blink too hard, you might pass it.


Tucked away on a side street in the local neighborhood of Sachsenhausen, on any given day of the week you’ll find this cozy little shtube packed with Frankfurters. If it’s a nice night, its inner courtyard will be packed too! From families to rowdy groups of friends, you’re sure to be the only non-German in there. In fact, contrary to German norms, the waiters barely even spoke English, nor was there an English menu! (But don’t worry; chances are, there will be a nice German there to explain everything on the menu to you 😉 )

The food is exceptionally fresh, made with seasonal ingredients. Known for its strictly Hessisch cuisine, you can be guaranteed that any dish will be super authentic and local. Still overwhelmed by that big German menu? No fear, AWC is here!

Here’s what I recommend:

Start out with what else, but Apfelwein! My recommendation is getting the typical pitcher, or “bembel.”


To eat, we ordered these two typical delishhh dishes. If you’re a meat n’ potatoes kinda’ person, welcome to heaven…


The dish to the left: Tender oxbreast with green sauce and salted potatoes (Ochsenbrust mit grūne Soße und Salzkartoffeln)

The dish to the right: Roasted pork shoulder with crispy potatoes and green beans (Grill-schäufelchen mit Bratkartoffeln un grünen Bohnen)


Finally, we finished it off with their homemade, famous mispel (a sweet liquor made with “mispel”, a local fruit kind of like a peach).

Ready for the check? Don’t be surprised when your jolly waiter sits down right next to you!

And don’t forget to give a big hallo to my man Micheal and his crew 😉


Ready to get your Apfelwein n’ meat on? Prost!

Find it:

Apfelwein Dax 

Apfelwein Dax, Willemerstraße 11, 60594 Frankfurt am Main

Open: Everyday, 12 pm- Midnight

Call: 069 616437

For more on Frankfurt, check out this site!

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