Part 2: The AWC Guide to the Best Wine Bars in Granada

Looking for a nice glass of Spanish wine and a little tapita? You’ve come to the right place! Here’s Part 2 of the “Granada’s Best Tapas Bars” series. These taverns are not your usual tapas bars, but specialize in amazing, handpicked wines by house sommeliers who know them best. 

Take Daniel, for instance!

Granada's Best Wine Bars
find Daniel at La Tabernilla del Darro (below)

I’ve chosen each of these spots based on three factors:

1. The Wine Selection (of course!) Each bar not only has a wide variety of wines to choose from, but the bartenders are extremely knowledgeable. If you tell them what kind of wine you like or are in the mood for, they will choose the perfect glass for you!

2. The quality of the tapa. Disclaimer: I wouldn’t recommend going to one of these spots if you’re ravenous (save your hunger for these places!). Instead, go to one of these winelicious bars if you’re in the mood to have a fab glass of wine paired with something delicious to picar.

3. The vibe! The atmosphere, or “rollo” of a wine bar is so, so important. Each of these places, while unique in their own way, have something in common: a cozy, warm atmosphere with indirect lighting and lots of wine bottles.

Ready to wine and dine?

Saint Germain

Granada's Best Wine Bars

Hidden in an alley off of Gran Via, this charming little French-inspired wine bar uses top ingredients for their tapas and is constantly changing out their wine selection. The walls of the tavern are covered with quotes, sentiments and pictures from Marcel Proust, a famous Parisian writer and author of the seven part novel “In Search of Lost Time”. Even the napkins say “n’allez pas trop vite“, meaning “don’t go so fast.” The message here, folks? Sit back, relax, drink a superb glass of wine, and savour every moment of it!

For the first tapa, expect a “tosta”, or a little piece of bread with something yummy on top (ie; pate, cheese, chorizo). The place is usually packed, so you might have to stand with your glass in hand!

Find it: Calle Postigo Velutti, 4

Casa de Vinos

You like fine wine and charcuterie you say? This “wine cave” is calling your name. A little hole-in-the-ground wine bar, it’s actually in a cave! The tapas are small, more like “munchies”, but fine munchies at that; top quality Manchego cheese, lomo de bellotajamón, olives…it’s a Spanish munchie dream. Whether it’s a random Tuesday night or a Saturday night out on the town, a good glass of Tempranillo and Manchego always hits the spot.

Find it: Calle Monjas del Carmen, 2

Taberna La Tana

Granada's Best Wine Bars

It might not be a secret, as Anthony Bourdain already discovered it. But I gotta admit, the guy knows his stuff! With over 400 wines to choose, the hilarious, big-personality bartenders/ sommeliers know their stuff. Tell them what you’re looking for, and try before you buy. If you are a true “winey”, you’ll have a field day here! From Andalucian Vino de Jerez (aka Sherry) to red wine from La Rioja, they’re sure to have anything and everything your thirsty little heart could dream of. Not to mention, their tapas are finger lickin’ good. Expect a simple yet succulent little plate of locally sourced olives, cheese and cured meats (surprise, surprise).

Find it: Placeta del Agua, 3

La Tabernilla del Darro

Granada's Best Wine Bars

Once a Medieval well that belonged to King Alhamar as he was building the Alhambra, it now holds a different kind of heavenly liquid…sweet, sweet wine. And homemade Vermouth! This tiny, adorable little wine bar sits right next to the beautiful Rio Darro. Grab a little table next to the window overlooking the picturesque Darro River and watch the world pass you by…with a tasty glass of homemade Vermouth and a tapita, of course.

Find it: La Tabernilla del Darro, Puente Espinosa, 15

So, who’s ready for a weekend vinito? Where’s your favorite wine bar?!

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