Get Your Hippie Gems On! Funky Handmade Jewelry in Granada

“When in Granada, thy must get their hippie on” -AWC

No, I don’t mean get dreadlocks, grab a joint and carry around portable speakers blasting Bob Marley. Although, you’d get some serious street cred’ around here if you did.

You’ve got to get BEDAZZLED! Did you know that Granada is an international hub for artisan jewelers? Funky artists come from all over South America, Central America and Europe to practice their artisan jewelry skills. In fact, if you walk up to Mirador de San Nicolas on any sunny afternoon, chances are you’ll see a dozen independent jewelers selling their funky, handmade hippie goods.

However, I’m going to let you guys in on my very favorite Granada jewelry boutique:

Gaia Artesania

Ready to enter the store? Hit “play” and be transported through the door!

Granada Jewelry

In Greek, “gaia” means earth. In Greek mythology, Gaia was the goddess who watched over the earth.

The small shop is owned by two artisans; Sebastián from Colombia and Gemma from Catalonia. Both of which, came together in Granada for the love of turning natural, earth-born materials into beautiful handcrafted pieces of art. Hence, the name “Gaia”! Take a look at some of their work (and see if you can spy AWC 😉 ):

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If you look to the right of the store, you’ll see either Sebastian or Gemma hard at work, creating new pieces of jewelry in their workshop right then and there!

Granada Jewelry

Both Sebastian and Gemma are absolute delights, and are happy to custom create you your very own piece of jewelry. I especially love their ring selection, made of different stones, metals and designs. If you see a stone you like but prefer a different shape or metal, they will make it for you on the spot!


10€- 30€ for most anything in the store. All of their rings are 10€, even if it’s custom made!

40€ for the most elaborate, expensive piece you can find in there. I bought this awesome necklace made of Black Obsidian Mexican stone, formed from volcanic rock. Needless to say, it’s a pretty badass necklace. And it only cost me 40€…and Sebastian “gifted” me a beautiful matching ring to go with it!

Find it:

It’s located up in the Albayzín right around the corner from Mirador de San Nicolas. If you have trouble finding it, listen closely for the sounds of Spanish reggae. Follow the the rhythm and the good vibes until you’re at the door! Or, just put this address in Google Maps: Calle Larga de San Cristobal 1.

And don’t forget to smile with your new swag!

Granada Jewelry


Have you found any other good Granada jewelry “gems”? Let us know below!

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