In Love With One of My Adventures? You Can Now Book It!

That’s right, dreams do come true, people. Lemme explain. Let’s say you saw my adventure-packed video of horseback riding up Mount Vesuvius in Naples, Italy with a team of Italian-stallion horse pros, and watching the video made you itch for the same Italian adventure. Hey! I can’t blame ya’. So, you’ve got some vacation time coming up and you decided you want this exact travel adventure.

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Now, here’s where the awesome part comes in. You can now BOOK select trips I’ve taken, with one click of a button! The button looks like this:

Here’s how it works:

I teamed up with this company of passionate travelers, called Casey Travel (talk about fate, they even are named “Casey”!). The founder, an avid follower of travel blogs, built the company based on this notion: friends and followers love reading the exciting adventures of travel bloggers. But what if they could actually book the trip with one click? Thus, was born Casey Travel.
Think of me as your overly excited wanderlust-obsessed friend, proposing awesome traventures to you. Think of the Casey Travel team as your travel agents, actually booking the trip: finding you the cheapest flights, accommodation, activities, etc. And no, there are no extra/hidden fees, and we guarantee you the cheapest prices out there. Everything that is booked will have the AWC stamp of approval, based on my personal experiences!
When you press on the “BOOK THIS TRIP” button, you will fill in some info about yourself and the date of your trip. Then you will get a  QUOTE for the trip e-mailed to you from the Casey Travel team.

Make sense?

Let’s use a more tangible example: Shall we go to Crete, Greece?

travel adventure crete
Casey Travel and I will bring my trip to Crete, Greece to life. To your life! They will book your transportation to arrive in Crete, accommodation in Hora Sfakion, mode of transportation around the island, and if you want, even a reservation at my favorite fish restaurant in Loutro!

Currently, you can book these 5 trips:

I know, it’s a very new concept. So, your opinion means a lot to me! How does this all sound to you? Would you book a one-click trip based on one of these travel adventures? And most importantly, is there one of my previous posts you’d like to see made into a trip?

If you have a post in mind, comment below and I’ll do my best to make it into a trip!


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