[VIDEO] Granada Tapas Crawl: What Happens When Two Hungry Travel Bloggers Meet?

Ishita is from New Delhi, India. She’s the hungry author of a travel blog called Globetrotting Cupcake, as well as a video producer for a famous Indian Youtuber. Pretty cool, right? Her passion is exploring new places around the world by means of their food, drinks and people.

Sound like somebody we know? 

A few weeks before her arrival to Spain, Ishita reached out to me. She had been following my blog for a while, and wanted to team up and do a collaboration video while she was traveling through Andalusia. Granada wasn’t on her itinerary, but when I told her about the magic of this place…followed by the two glorious words “FREE TAPAS”, she was sold.

She wanted to see the real Granada tapas culture. And she wanted to see how I did it.

Mission ACCEPTED! Let the games begin:


I showed Ishita some of my favorite tapas bars and showed her how to tapear like a local. Needless to say, we had a blast! Her conclusion at the end of the day?

Granada is the New Delhi of Spain.

Well, it might be about 1/5000 of the size. However, Ishita claims that it’s got that same contagious, vivacious, outrageous energy. The loud, exuberant people. The liveliness in the streets. The narrow, winding endless alleys. The combustion of sights and smells. And of course…the FOOD. Here’s her in-depth comparison.

Now, I’ve never been to New Delhi. Or even India, for that matter. However, just by spending an entire day with Ishita exchanging cultural quirks, travel experiences and creating hilarious memories, I’ve got a unique understanding of New Delhi through her eyes. The best thing about being a travel blogger? Connecting with people like Ishita; like minded, quirky and incredibly interesting world travelers with sagas worth of stories to tell.

Now, who out there is ready for a Granada tapas crawl?

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Where I took her:  Bodega CastañedaTaberna La TanaLos Diamantes Tajine Elvira and Mercado San Augustin

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