1) Ca D’Oro alla Vedova


Why:  Whoever created the term “hidden gem,” I’m pretty sure it was after eating at Alla Vedova. This Italian food goldmine is truly a gem, and truly hidden…in the corner of a little ally, off the main stretch. They have THE BEST meatballs, or polpettes, I have ever had in my life. I’m not even a meatball person, and these balls of meaty goodness are TO-DIE-FOR. They also have the best tomato sauce I have ever had. Hands down. Done. I was licking the plate (…I wish I was kidding). And the best part about it? They’ve got you covered for every hungry occasion. If you want a nice sit down meal, there are two cozy rooms off the side of the generally very-busy bar that provides you with wonderful service, and THE FOOD… But, if you’re on a #youngwildwanderingandhungry budget, you can grab some Italian style tapas to munch on, and have a drink while you’re at it. WARNING: On Friday and Saturday nights, this place is THE SPOT. So make a reservation if you want a table. If you want to grab a drink and some tapas, get yo’ assertive side on and be prepared to push your way through the door.

Price: Polpettes are 2€ a pop. Sit down meal is between 12-17 €. Trust me, it’s worth the splurge.

Find it: Cannareggio 3912

2) Trattoria Da Fiore

Why: This pasta seen above. With chicory (raddicchio treviso), Italian smoked caramelized ham (or Speck Alto Adíge) and walnuts, in a creamy gorgonzola sauce. Need I say more? And my dad ordered spaghetti in clam sauce (a la vongole) with ginger. YUMYUMYUMYUM. This place knocked my socks off. It takes the cake (or pasta, I should say) for the most deliciously innovative pasta dishes, while still maintaing a traditional Venizian vibe. This is another spot that you can choose how you want to dine: Fine dining with beautifully constructed entrees, or casual tapas to accompany a drink. The restaurant is split in half between the two. So, it has everything you could want, and even afford!

Price: Tapa appetizers around 4€, sit down dishes very between 12€- 20€. Again, entirely worth the splurge.

Find it: Santo Stefano 3461, San Marco

3) Pizzeria Sansovino

Why: WINNER OF THE BEST PIZZA! I made it my mission to find the best by-the-slice pizza in Venice. And boy, did I find the winner. Andréa the owner, opened up shop 10 years ago. Every morning, he gets delivered the finest local ingredients (tomatoes, cheese, olive oil, Venizian spicy pepperoni…) and hand makes everything from scratch. The perfect slice to take on-the-go. Or just scarf down in a matter of seconds right there.

Price. 3€ a slice. 5€-11€ for a personal pie.

Find it: San Marco 2628

4) Pasticceria Dal Mas

Why: Did someone say chocolate truffle? Or cannoli? Or macaroons? Or tiramisu? This place has got it all, and the best of it. For all of your sweet tooth needs, go here. This family owned chocolate shop (ciocccollateria) and bake shop (pasticceria) has the best of the best homemade everything. The chocolate shop and bakery are separate store fronts, but located right next door to each other. In the chocolate shop, I sampled a dark chocolate violet truffle, milk chocolate truffle with caramel cream, and dark chocolate with spicy Peperoncini mixed in. Thennnnn, I sampled their famous “blonde” chocolate, which is a golden cross between dark and white chocolate. Finally, I moved onto next door, where I tried their incredible dark chocolate cannoli and tiramisu. 10 added pounds later…still worth it.

Price: 1.50€ for truffles, 3€-6€ for other sweetlicious treats.

Find it: Calle Panaderos 20

5) Gelataría Ca’d’oro

Why: WINNER OF THE BEST GELATO. Yes, I was also on the search for the best gelato. I kid you not,I sampled every gelato place I passed until I found the one. And this is it. The flavors are justtttt so perfect. Let me tell you, it’s hard to find good creamy texture, AND rich flavor. But this has got it. And, this gelataría even has little dessert and gelato shots! So if your stuffed from all that rich pasta you just ate, don’t worry…there’a always a way to fit more.

Price: 1€-3€

Find it: Strada Nuova 4273/b

6) Caffe Rosso

Why: THE SPRITZ. The famous drink of Venice. Prepared with prosecco white wine, your choice of bitter or sweet liquor (usually Aperol), a splash of sparkling water, and topped off with a refreshing orange slice. You will see everyone drinking this peculiar red drink (even old men). This local, true-to-Venice bar is located in Campo Santa Margerita, the center of all the nighttime action right next to the university. This is the perfect place to start your night, and get yo’ Spritz on.

Price: 2.50 €

Find it: Sestiere Dorsoduro, 2963, Campo Santa Margherita


If you choose to see the outlying islands on the Venetian Lagoon (Burano, Murano & Torcello), there is an option to purchase a 3 Day unlimited water bus pass for young people, ages 14-29. It is 20€ (plus 4€ to buy the initial card). The card includes lots of discounts and tips that will help guide you around the city. If you buy this, you will have the luxury of going wherever you want for three days, without worrying about extra costs.  Here are the fares and routes.

Have you been to one of these spots? If so, comment below and let us know your thoughts!


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