[VIDEO] From The Mouths of Kids in my Spanish Pueblo: Why Be Thankful?

Made this little video after teaching my 6th grade English class about the tradition of Thanksgiving in America. I asked them what they have to be thankful for. And let me tell ya,’ from the mouths of babes…

Don’t you think its funny; in a tiny, Spanish farming village over 3,600 miles from my home The Big Apple, our values are still the same…Well, maybe accept for the whole “pigs” part. Our world is smaller than we realize. Don’t ya think?

And to that, I wish you all a Happy Spanksgiving 😉



8 thoughts on “[VIDEO] From The Mouths of Kids in my Spanish Pueblo: Why Be Thankful?

  1. This was just wonderful, endearing, touching and true!!!!! I’m thankful for you, Casie, being part of my life!!!! Happy Thanksgiving from your Aunt Lenore!!!!!! xoxoxoxox

    And tell your great kids that your A-L wishes she could be there to give each one a giant hug!!!

  2. Did you have to spank them to make them perform? 🙂 jokes aside lovely little movie, thanks for sharing, lovely kids, great job with the English, and good values too – not a superficial value in sight wonderful!

    1. Hahaha very “punny!” Nope, truly great kids, no spanking needed 😉 I’m glad you enjoyed it! Isn’t it refreshing to see kids who aren’t thankful for their iphones and ipads, and instead value the real things in life? Stay tuned for more videos to come! 🙂

      1. yes I did love the fact that there was not an object in sight but value for real life and the so-called small things – economy being what it is in Spain I guess these kids are also closer to reality and spain has solid family values specially out in the villages which may also impact your kids, looking forward to seeing more, very refreshing and normal children. Did you check out the video of kids and gourmet meals reblogged on my site, you’d like it

        1. Absolutely true, being from NYC where everyone from children to grandparents are glued to their electronic devices, living in a Spanish pueblo ia truly eye-opening and refreshing, and the kids show it best! Couldn’t find the video of kids and gourmet meals on your blog, will you reply with the link? Would love to see!

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