Barcelona Nightlife: An Underground Club Different from the Rest

BARCELONA. Known for its wild nightlife. Once the sun sets and the moon rises, the city rises with it. Or should I say, the city’s werewolves. A city where fists don’t stop pumping ’til 7 a.m, electronic DJ’s are the next best thing to god, and bedtime is when the strobe lights turn off and the fluorescent lights turn on (…MOMENT OF PANIC). Oh. And shots.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I love a ragin’ discoteca as much as the next girl dressed up as Mexican food…

However, I found something better.

An underground club that truly anyone can enjoy. Even your mother.

Watch this.


And it’s just a downright underground gem. Tucked away in the skinny, curved cobblestone streets of Barcelona’s old Barrio Gothic, you’ve got to really keep your eyes peeled for the graffiti on the door that reads “Harlem Jazz Club.” Or, just find the strangest mix of people you possibly can congregating outside of a garage….German old guys standing with a Spanish hipster chic in dreads, a group of 21-year-old boys with cervezas in hand, and a Grandpa with his ready-to-rage Grandaughter? Yep. You’re probably in the right place.

Every night is different, yet equally as fabulous. The only thing you can predict is that there will be live music. And the live music will get you out of your seat. Don’t be fooled by the “jazz” club title, because it’s much more than just that. It’s funk, blues, salsa, flamenco…and yes, there is even a DJ booth for electronic. This is, Barcelona after all.

Via Flickr @ Rene Passet

This is how the night goes down: You enter (duh). There are tables if you can snag one, and justtt enough standing room if you can’t. As the night goes on and the live music climaxes, the standing room gets more and more crowded, and the chairs become more and more empty. By the end of the live act, the whole place is boppin’ and twirlin’, singin’ and…hurlin’? LOL. JK… This is mature, “responsible” fun, of course. But seriously, everyone is on the dance floor having the time of their lives. Remember earlier, when I said even your mom will like it? Well, my mom was right by my side. And she was shakin’ her Guacammomy thang like I’ve never seen before…

…look at her go!

When the live music comes to an end, the fun does not. In fact, it’s just beginning. That’s when the DJ takes over. The place suddenly turns from a Chicago-esque Jazz speakeasy, to a hot Cuban cabana party, within the drop of a beat. Expect late night music genres from salsa to flamenco, and electronic to funk. Just hope the DJ and you are in the same kinda’ mood…

Photo edited, via Flickr @ Nicholas Shore

International, underground, Spanish & soul…all at once. Now, THAT my friends, is true “werewolf” Barcelona.


Find it: Carrer Comtessa de Sobradiel, 8 (Barrio Gothic)

Get there: Drassanes stop (Metro Line: L3)

Price: €5-€10 cover (depending no the act)

Hours: Wed-Thu 8pm-1:30am, Fri-Sat 8pm-4.30am

Phone: 933 10 07 55






7 thoughts on “Barcelona Nightlife: An Underground Club Different from the Rest

  1. I’ve been and this was one of the highest ranking highlights of my 15 days in Spain!!! Pssst, don’t let this hidden gem of a secret out……..

  2. Love it!!! I had been dying to go to Harlem Jazz club for ages and finally dragged my brother there a few nights ago. It really is a refreshing change of scene! Very hushed, so not ideal for chatting but the atmosphere was brilliant 🙂

  3. I have to admit, “Harlem Jazz Club” isn’t the first thing I think of when I think of Barcelona’s late night music scene, but this sounds great. I’ll have to check it out, thanks for the (secret) recommendation!

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