The People of the NYC Subways [VIDEO]

I’m gonna keep this one brief, ladies and gents. In stead of me jabbering on and on, I’m going to let the people of the NYC Subways do the talking. Why? Because, well…they’ve got a lot to say. Or show rather. If you ask me, they are the heart of my beautiful, crazy New York City. They are the people who live, eat and sleep NYC. They all came from different places of the world, have different stories to tell, jobs to rush to, and baby mama’s to feed. Some are rich, some are homeless, some are models, and others are…well, let’s get to the video, shall we? Chicas and chicos, I present to you, the heart, soul, and craziness of my beautiful, nuts Big Apple.

5 thoughts on “The People of the NYC Subways [VIDEO]

  1. Awesome ! I thought I knew NYC a little bit , but you’ve showed me another side! Inspiring as always Casidilla;)

  2. Another gem!!!! Right on Casie – and there’s so much more to the Big Apple – each area is a unique neighborhood. So glad you love my NYC!!!!!

  3. i´d like a longer video but it was interesting, though. How about another vid of your impressions of Madrid´s metro when you get to Spain?

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