#FridayFinds: Madrid’s Winning Tortilla (It Made Me Faint)

Welcome, ladies and gents to the first edition of #FridayFinds! So, I’ve been on the search for the best tortilla Española here in Madrid. And it’s a hard thing to find. Why? Well, for 2 reasons:

  1. SO MANY places make amazing tortilla de patatas, the arguably most “typical Spanish” dish of the country. Yes, more so than paella. (Fun fact: Tortilla is actually one of the only foods that is eaten religiously from north to south of the country! Hence, why it might be considered, the actual “dish” of Spain among many Spaniards.”)
  2. Everyone here in Spain has a different definition of what the “best” tortilla in the world is. And normally, it’s their grandma’s. And how their grandma makes it, is how they like it; that is, either poco cuajada (less cooked, gooey on the inside) or muy cuajada (more cooked, firm on the inside). The problem here? When you ask a local, “where can I get the best tortilla?” They’ll always tell you “la casa de mi abuela!” And what do I tell them? Unless your granny is inviting me over for a nice homemade tortilla, that ain’t helpin me (or my stomach).

So, because I am not fortunate enough to have my very own Spanish grandma at my hungry disposal, I took matters into my own hands. I figured out what my definition of “the best” tortilla is, by lots of trial, and little error. And in the end…

I ate this, and then fainted. (Well, not literally. But you guys know what I mean…) Tortillacoma.

If I could create the perfect Spanish granny to cook me tortilla whenever I wanted, she’d be from Asturias, and she’d cook her tortilla like this.I LOVE YOU IMAGINARYABUELA!

Poco, poco, poco hecho. To the point where the outside is sturdy enough to hold together its circular form, but the inside is deliciously gooey, oozing with caramelized onions and sauteed chorizo. I am seriously about to faint just thinking about it…

Now, I just want to be clear with ya’ll. It’s not at all “traditional” as tortillas go. The super traditional tortilla is just potatoes, egg, and usually onion, cooked so that if you cut it, it holds together like a nice, purtyyy piece of pie. But if ya ask me, the girl without a granny, I say this is THE tortilla.

La Bobia also has killer mejillones (muscles), and croquettas. And don’t forget to order the house made sidra, ( a.k.a Asturian sider!)
Hi!FIND IT: La BobiaCalle de San Millán, 3 (Right next to Metro La Latina)

Can’t get enough tortilla? Here’s 3 more of my fave tortilla spots:

El BuoCalle Gravina, 4 (Chueca)

Bodega de la Ardosa, Calle Colón, 13 (Malasaña)

Juana la Loca (La Latina)

Now, your turn! Comment below or #FridayFinds and tell us…Where are YOUR favorite tortilla spots? Where’s the best Spanish tortilla you’ve ever had? And most importantly…

Who wants to invite me over their grandma’s house?

11 thoughts on “#FridayFinds: Madrid’s Winning Tortilla (It Made Me Faint)

  1. Thanks for the tip and the laugh! I giggled at “TheWanderingCasiedilla’s” comment from the top of the tortilla!!! I am going to run out and try all your recommendations. Love you doing the
    footwork and calorie intake for me:-D

  2. I am loving this first “Friday Finds”—I will run out this weekend and go on a Tortilla exploration trying all the places you noted!!! Thanks for the laugh from “AwanderingCasiedilla” atop the Tortilla!!!! Looking forward to next “Friday’s Find”!!

  3. I am loving this first “Friday Finds”—I will run out this weekend and go on a Tortilla exploration trying all the places you noted!!! Thanks for the laugh from “AwanderingCasiedilla” atop the Tortilla!!!! Looking forward to next Friday’s Find!!

  4. Hi Casie,

    First time I am writing a comment.

    Just a few words to thank you for your great blog about your travels experiences in genral and more particularly in Spain.

    It is not only funny to read your stories but also they are very illustrative of or culture. Congrats for reflecting so well our country.

    Beside these words of well deserves praise, I would like to recommend you the tortilla cooked at Sylkar, at Espronceda st. with Alonso Cano, really worth the visit and not far from the trendy Ponzano st.

    It is a pity that my mother passed away a couple of years ago but I can assure you that her tortilla was second to none, gooey and oozing, as I prefer; with green fried peppers it is a treat.

    Hope you will keep you enjoying Spain.

    All the best.


    1. Hola Alfonso! Thank you so much for this kind words 🙂 it means so much to hear it from a Spaniard, who of course knows it best! I can’t WAIT to go to Sylkar and check it out! A girl can never have too much tortilla 😉

      Thanks again for the kind words, awesome recommendation, and for reading!!!


  5. Funny how tortilla means something so different here in New Mexico. Tortillas here are just plain old flour tortillas .. but they are SO good. Doughy, flaky, mmm – and then they use them for everything: enchiladas, breakfast burritos (you would die for), or just with some honey after a nice spicy meal. You need to come here and do some blogging on the food.

    1. Tortillas and HONEY?! This is flipping my world upside down right now. Don’t you worry, I’m coming to NM, even if I have to deny science and zap myself there. I’ll save you a Spanish tortilla if you save me a New Mexican one! Ain’t no party like a multicultural tortilla party OLÈ

  6. Hello from a madrileño who found out about your blog on that article in El País.

    I am a total fan now and agree with the other Spaniard on this post that you have managed to capture Spain so well in this blog. Some of your insights are really funny and have made me think again about aspects of my own culture that I took for granted or never gave a second thought to.

    I also like the gooey variety of tortilla and highly recommend the one they serve in “Lateral” a chain of 6 or 7 restaurants where they specialize in tapas and pinchos (all very good and not too expensive). I always order the tortilla, it is fried in olive oil, which makes a big difference, and the texture and flavor are near perfect (www.cadenalateral.com).

    If you ever go to a Galician bar or restaurant ask for the “Tortilla de Betanzos”, the queen of gooey tortillas made with a local variety of potatoes that will transport you to el cielo!

    1. Thank you so for those super kind words!It really means a lot to hear that from my readers. I hope you keep following along, and I’ll look forward to more comments and shares from you 🙂

      And sounds YUMMY! I’ve heard of Lateral, but haven’t been yet. I’ll have to test it out ASAP! And noted, “tortilla de betanzos.” Sounds like my dream come true ;P

      Un gran saludo!!!

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