The Many Sausages of Germany

Before I move on from Germany, I’ve got to address the elephant in the room: SAUSAGES. Sausages were such a huge part of my time in Germany. I woke up to sausages, snacked on sausages, wined and dined with sausages, and went to bed with sausages (…for dinner, that is). But there’s more to the German sausage than what MEATS the eye (haha!). There’s fat sausages, skinny sausages, saucy sausages, grilled sausages, cured sausages…

Yea. Germany doesn’t mess around with their sausages.

And thanks to my girl EnchiLuisa, I was educated allll about them! Actually, my visit to Germany was more like sausage boot camp than a nice Christmas visit with fam. So, I bring my sausagelicious knowledge to YOU! This way, you will be prepared, when you travel to Germany and blow all the locals out of the water with your incredible wienerful knowledge. So, let’s get these weenie’s a’grillin!

My friends, meet the many sausages of Germany.

Bratwurst -weiß-

Allow us to demonstrate how it’s done.Untitled design (34)

Meet my personal fave, the Currywurst. Chop up a weenie, add some curry sauce and top it off with some curry lovin’ spices. And “guten Appetit”!CURRYWURSTOr, put it in a bun! Top it off with some ketchup, mustard, sauerkraut and have a party.CURRYWURST (2)Tired of sausages? Try its dearly beloved brother. This German slab of grilled meat is eaten like a sausage, but paired with some zesty grilled onions.CURRYWURST (3)And don’t forget to start your day off with the typical German breakfast sausage! Accompanied with some delicious German butter cheese, a soft boiled egg, and some bangin’ German bread.

So, weenies anybody? Have you guys ever tried an authentic German sausage? Which one looks the most sausage-licious to you?!

One thought on “The Many Sausages of Germany

  1. Well, it’s not quite Germany, but there is a very excellent german store inYorkville – called Schallerand Weber and they have a wonderful assortment of wursts! There used to be one in my hood called Carl Ehmer and it was there I learned about weisswurst – my favorite. It’s veal/pork – not spicy but you eat it with the wonderful red cabbage and goodo mustard – yummo!!!!! Bob and I loved German food – well his name is Schmidt – sauerbraten as his favorite!!! Come back toNY and I’ll take you to Rolf’s on 22nd and Third and we’ll wurst away!!!xoxox

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