Vlog: Morocco through the Eyes of my GoPro

As you know from my last Morocco post, it was an epic journey through Morocco, alright. I could blabber on through boring ol’ text about my amazing adventure with P.I.C Casey Con Carne (yes, my partner in crime has the same name as me!). But, we’re all busy people. So, I’ll let my GoPro do the talkin’.

Here’s a break down of the master itinerary, and some valuable info for all you guys heading to Morocco!

1st Stop: Tetuan

Thoughts: My fave city of the epicventure! Truly authentic, off the tourist path, and downright beautiful.

Where to stay on a budget: Riad Dalia

Where to eat: Well, considering there are two restaurants in the entire city…Riad Dalia. Lol. They’ve got the best food in the city. Granted, there isn’t too much competition.

2nd Stop: Chefchaouen

Thoughts: Extraordinarily beautiful (or should I say…bluetiful!) but far too touristy for my taste.

Where to stay on a budget: Riad Baraka

Where to eat: Bab Sourr, one of the least touristy restaurants in the city, and scruuumptious!

3rd Stop: Al Hoceima

Thoughts: Breathtakingly gorgeous nature reserve. I absolutely recommend going! But if you can avoid it…don’t stay in the city. It’s a pretty weird place.

Where to stay: If you must stay a night, a clean, nice hotel (but rather stuffy for my liking) is Hotel Basilic.

Where to eat: Again, not many restaurants to choose from in the city. But we had the most AMAZING fish dinner at the city’s port. Now, there’s two restaurants at the port. Go to the one at the very end. Name unidentified…

So, who’s dying to go to Morocco?!

4 thoughts on “Vlog: Morocco through the Eyes of my GoPro

  1. I haven’t been to Morocco yet but plan on going at some point. Your little travel log was a good introduction. I have some FB friends in Morocco, and have sent this video to them for comments. Now where are you going next, AWC?

  2. I’m so glad you went off the beaten path. Morocco is such an amazing place and to me a day trip to Tangier is not it.
    Happy travels!

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