#FridayFinds Summer Edition: Madrid Ice Cream & Horchata, ‘Cause it’s HOT

You scream! I scream! We all scream for…. Horchata?

madrid ice cream

And, ice cream, of course.

Summertime in Madrid means one thing. It’s HOT. I mean, really, REALLY hot. The kinda’ heat that you walk outside and feel dizzy, and then next thing you know you start thinking you’re hallucinating and seeing ice cold igloos in the distance…

Yes. It’s happened to me.

There’s only one thing to do when the Spanish heat hits like this. EAT HORCHATA. AND ICECREAM. Where, you ask?

Alboraya Horchateria & Heladeriamadrid ice cream

This classic, super Madrileña mom and pop ice cream shop was opened in 1980 as a fam business, by the Monrós. Now, this is my kinda’ family! The grandpa started his work with the “chufa” or Tiger Nut, back in the 1900’s, in a town on the outskirts of Valencia, called Alboraya (now get the name?). When the family moved to Madrid, they brought over the family tradition of horchata making, flourished into ice cream connoisseurs, and opened up this summertime gem. Today, it’s a Madrileña classic, especially for those in the barrio of Salamanca.

So, what the heck is horchata?

madrid ice cream

Glad you asked! It’s milk made from a special nut called chufa or “tiger nut”, as mentioned before. This unique nut comes from Valencia, hence why it’s Valencia’s special summer drink! Horchata is the most refreshing, naturally sweet, creamy, ice cold drink you could ask for on a steamy, sweltering summer day. And believe it or not…it’s really healthy! While horchata is typical from Valencia and not Madrid, if you’re in the capital, this is your spot to get it.

They’ve got the classic horchata drink, horchata ice cream, horchata ice pops, horchata smoothies, horchata merengue, horchata ices…you name it, they horcHAVEit!

Oh, and if you wanna be a real local don’t forget to dip a fartón in your ice cold horchata. That is, a spongey, sweet, pastry that has the long, skinny look of a churro, but fatter. ‘Cause with every ice cream drink you should dip cake in it, right? Right…

madrid ice cream


Now, if you’re a classic ice cream lover and are cravin’ a classic cone, you’re in luck! They also make homemade, amazing artisan ice cream. Made fresh in the back room every morning! The flavors change, so don’t get too attached to just one 😉

Find it:

Alboraya Horchateria & Heladaria

Mom & Pop location: Calle de Alcalá 125 (metro Goya, barrio Salamanca)

Secondary location: Avenida Felipe II 

Hours: Erry’day, 11AM- 10:30 PM

Want lunch before? Head around the corner to my fave sandwich shop, CASABASE Panaderia.

Now, on the real: Is it just me, or does everything amazing come from Valencia? Paella, horchata…

(Find Madrid’s best paella Valenciana here!)

2 thoughts on “#FridayFinds Summer Edition: Madrid Ice Cream & Horchata, ‘Cause it’s HOT

  1. Good day Casie,

    As usual another nice post.

    I am sure you have listened about Kiosko de Miguel y José, calle Narvaez 8, close to Goya underground station. Madrid used to be packed with these kioskos, most of them run by families coming from Valencia. Miguel y José is really a place to go, by the way, few minutes walking from Alboraya.

    Last but not least, never read something innyour blogs about Spanish music. A coiple of tips fpr you, sure you know them, on Kiko Veneno, listen to Dice la Gente and Javier Ruibal. Kiko lives in Sevilla and Javier Ruibal is from Puerto de Santamaría. Music from the south with Estrecho de Gibraltar smell.

    Have a great weekend.

    Alfonso Aramburu

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