Keylimemania! The Florida Keys Best Key Lime Everything

You guys know what happens when Guacamommy and I get together, don’t you?

We rent a car, map out 3+ cities per day and eat EVERYTHING.

It all started many, many years ago…

16 years ago to be exact. A tiny 8-year-old Casiedillita and Guacamommy visited Key West for a day. We went on a mini mission to hunt down the best Key Lime Pie in Key West. This was my very first hungry mission…and by golly, 4 pies later, a food-obsessed Casiedilla was born! I will never forget that day…


Fast forward: It’s September, 2016. Upon my ephemeral return back to the U.S., Guacamommy and I thought it was only fitting to revisit history. However, this time, 10x the mission. Mission ignite in 3, 2, 1…


Over the course of 3 days, we tried 3 samplings of Key Lime Ice Cream, 3 variations of Key Lime “real food”, entered 9 Key Lime-styled art boutiques, stayed at 1 Key Lime Hotel and ate 15 Key Lime Pies. That’s right, 15. (Splitting each piece, of course. I have to maintain my triangular figure!) Limey-ladies and gents? The winners…

Hotel: Key Lime Inn


First, let’s talk lodging. After hours upon hours of research on hotel sites for the best boutique hotels in Key West, we found the Key Lime Inn! After all, what better name could it have?! An adorable Key’s styled historic house with little cottages, it was the perfect charming place for our stay. And the staff was an absolute delight! (725 Truman Ave, Key West, FL 33040)

Key Lime Ice Cream: Flamingo Crossing


This mom and pop shop in Key West makes homemade Key Lime sorbet, Key Lime frozen yogurt and Key Lime ice cream. The undeniable best? The full-fat ice cream, of course! (1105 Duval St, Key West, FL 33040)

Key Lime Lobster Roll: The Lobster Shack


Yes, I said it…Key Lime Lobster Roll. Dreams do come true! I came across this hidden little shack on a side street in Key West. It looks like a beach shop from the outside, until you look closer. It’s a little shack that makes lobster EVERYTHING! Only open for a year now, this baby restaurant serves up the best damn Lobster Rolls around. And the Key Lime Lobster Roll? Chunks of lobster, key lime juice and spices on a buttery bun… ‘nuff said. (507 South St, Key West, FL 33040)

Key Lime Artisan shop: The Rain Barrel


As much as I love food, Guacamommy loves shopping. So, we went into every single cutesy-boutique we passed. The winner? Off the Overseas Highway, we found The Rain Barrel Artisan Village in Islamorada. It’s more like an indoor/outdoor craft market, where each artist has their own little workshop. Warning: if you like colorful chatchkies, buyer beware… (86700 Overseas Hwy, Islamorada, FL 33036)

Now, for the part we’ve all been waiting for…

The Winning Key Lime Pies

Of 15, we limited it down to our top 3. Now, we realize that Key Lime Pie’s are a very personal thing. While some like tart, others like sweet. Some like creamy custard filling, while others like light fluffy filling. We judged our top three on what we believed to be a perfect balance: A smooth and creamy filling with a tart yet sweet balance, held together by homemade, buttery, thick graham cracker crust (drooling just writing this).

#3: Mattheessen’s in Key West


We tried 7 Key Lime Pies in Key West, including the most famous: We thought Kermit’s was overrated and the fan favorite, Blue Heaven , with its famous mile high merengue was too sweet. The winner? Mattheessen’s! They’ve been making the same family recipe since 1993 . Practice makes perfect! Its creamy custard-like filling and tart-sweet flavor make it justtt right. The crust was pretty darn good too. PS- Make sure you say hi to Captain Key Lime! (419 Duval St D, Key West, FL 33040)

#2- RUNNER UP: Bayside Grill in Key Largo


One of the most unique classic pies we had. It’s a thicker, bigger slice, with more of a cheesecake consistency than the rest. Creamy and sweet, yet limey all at once! The crust was thick yet delicate. Note: It’s really hidden. Find it on the second floor of a hotel, behind some buildings, next to the bay. Nothin’ a little Google Maps can’t fix! (99530 Overseas Hwy, Key Largo, FL 33037)

#1- THE WINNER: Sweet Savannah’s in Marathon

florida keys best

13 pies in…I WANTED ANOTHER. That’s right. Needless to say, I was just about up to my chin with Key Lime Pie. We were crusin’ down the highway and saw the words “bakery” with a tiny “Key Lime Pie” sign in the window. You know Guacamommy and I; we could’t resist. Without many expectations, we rolled our tubby selves in. Full with locals and their kids, we ordered our pie from the lovely baker-lady. We took the first bite…KEY LIMEPIE FIREWORKS. Guacamommy and I exchanged a look of understanding: we found the winner. Creamy, silky filling with a tart bite, followed by a sweet after taste. And its crust…you can tell each crust was handmade with its slight shapely imperfections, characterized by crumbles of buttery graham cracker, just firm enough to provide the perfect sturdy shell. Pie perfection. (8919 Overseas Hwy, Marathon, FL 33050)

And finally….the sunset of all sunsets. Lorelei’s Cabana Bar on the bay of Islamorada.

Last night in the #floridakeys went out with a bang 😍🌅🙌🏼 Next stop…

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Sighhhh. Ohh Florida Keys. Would you accept the Keylimemania challenge? Which key lime pie sounds the most to-PIE-for?!

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