[VIDEO] A Hungry Walk through Paris with Parisians

Ohhh, the smells, sights and sounds of Paris; from the scent of street crepes wafting through the air, to the rainbow macarons enticing you from store windows. Paris is a city of senses. Thus, it deserves way more than just some writing! Instead of telling you guys about Paris, I wanted to show you! Of course, with the help of my GoPro and two Parisian friends.

Valentina and Lucas, born and raised in Paris, took me around to some of Paris’ trendiest neighborhoods, and of course, some of the best eateries!

Ready to take a Paris walk?

Now, the real question: who’s hungry for some crepes?

Here are the spots featured in the video:

Breizh Café: for the BEST crepes ever

Le Comptoir de Mathilde: gourmet French food boutique

3rd and 4th district: Where most of the filming was done. These “arrondissements” or neighborhoods are filled with endless amounts of trendy boutiques, vintage clothing stores and mouthwatering food shops! Not that I needed to tell you that…from the video you can see for yourself 😉

STAY TUNED for next week’s post: 8 Parisian Food Facts You Never Knew

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