The AWC Guide to the Best Tapas Bars in Granada

It’s time.

After living in beautiful Granada for 6 months, I’ve finally decided to write about my favorite tapas joints in the city. I’ve been holding off for quite some time, ’cause I wanted to be sure. After all, there’s lots of free tapas to be eaten before one can claim “the best!” And eaten tapas, I have. I’ve eaten high and low, big and small, veggie and carnivore…to bring you my ultimate master list of Granada’s best free tapas. (Didn’t know about free tapas in Granada? Read about them in this article).

The best part of this list? Each spot is walkable from one to the next, so you can pick and choose what sounds best to you and personalize your own route! Whether you’re a carnivore or herbivore, traditionalist or modernist…there’s a tapas bar for you. NOTE: If you search online for “Granada’s Best Free Tapas,” you’ll notice the same bars keep reappearing (IE- Bar Diamentes, Castañeda, Bodegas Espadafor, etc.) . I’ve made a point of exploring local gems  beyond the already discovered staples, jam packed with tourists. If ya’ ask me, these lesser known spots knock those big guys out of the park!

Ready to eat some damn good tapas?


best tapas granada

This is downright my favorite tapas bar in Granada. In fact, I go there so often that the waitress asked me one time if I have a kitchen in my house (…I do). But can ya’ blame me? The quality is amazing and the portions are ginormous. Like seriously, HUGE. After two, three max, you’ll be stuffed. I actually don’t understand how they make money here, considering a beer is 2.20€ and it comes with a FAT stack of top quality food. Either way, I’m not complaining. Whether it’s slow cooked carne en salsa, roasted pork, stuffed peppers….you won’t be disappointed, and definitely not hungry. Be prepared to use your inner jungle instincts, because finding a free table on a Thursday – Saturday is like hunting for prey; you gotta be assertive and beat the other ravenous animals out.

Can you choose your tapa? No. You don’t know what you’re gonna get until you get it (but look around and see what other people have for their 1st, 2nd and 3rd drink. That’s a big hint)

FIND IT: Calle Águila, 20, 18002 Granada (Barrio Centro)


best tapas granada

A Granadino classic. Located in barrio San Antón, any day of the week (except Sunday ’cause it’s closed) this iconic tapas staple will be jam packed with hungry Granadinos, young and old. Again, you’ve gotta be aggressive to get a spot; don’t be shy to push your way to the front of the bar and yell your order to the bartender! And don’t let the crowds intimidate you, ’cause I promise, it’s worth it. Remember: Juicy chargrilled jamón and succulent marinated garlic pork loin wait for you at the end.

Can you choose your tapa? Yes! As described above, I recommend their specialty jamón asado and lomo de orza (as seen in the pic).

FIND IT: Calle Verónica de la Virgen, 16, 18005 (Barrio San Antón)

El Aviso

best tapas granada

Consistently quality tapas, great service. If the weather is nice, grab a high top table outside. Situated right on the corner across from bustling Calle Navas, it’s a wonderful place to people watch and enjoy some bangin’ free food.

Can you choose your tapa? Nope. But whatever it is, it’ll be hella’ good.

FIND IT: Calle Virgen del Rosario, 1, 18009 Granada (Barrio Realejo) 


best tapas granada

No, it’s not just you… my plate of lentil balls was smiling at me. And I was smiling back! If you want some “alternative” Spanish tapas, this is your spot!  With a no-frills hippie vibe, the tapas are a bit more eclectic than your typical Granadino bar. From their crispy falafel and roasted potatoes, to honey glazed ribs (if you’re lucky), each tapas is made with care. NOTE: If you’re in a rush, DON’T go here. The owner is usually the one waiting on tables and taking bar orders, with the help of one other. They are always as nice as can be, but let’s just say…unorganized. But then again, it’s a chilled out hippie spot; all delicious things come with patience!

Can you choose your tapa? Nope. Your tapas future is in the hands of the hippies.

FIND IT: Calle Fábrica Vieja, 6, 18002 Granada

Casa Mol

best tapas granada

Fancy tapas exist too! For those of you like a bit more refined eating, this is a good tapas bar for you. Most typical tapas bars don’t give a flying fudge about presentation. This is Spain, not France after all…they plop whatever-it-is on your plate and your good-to-go. However, there’s a saying, “you eat with your eyes first!” Casa Mol gets it. Not only are they more visually appealing, but they taste darn good too!

Can you choose your tapa? YES! I recommend the champignones (mushrooms) and torre de berenjena (eggplant tower with melted cheese and tomato- as seen in the pic)

FIND IT: Calle Duende, 11, 18005 Granada (Barrio San Antón)

Entre Brasas

best tapas granada

MEAT LOVERS, UNITE! If your inner carnivore is speaking to you, go to Entre Brasas. This tiny, bustling tavern is known for its fire-grilled meat. The first tapa is almost always juicy pork, hot off the grill. What comes next? That’s for you to find out, but I’m sure it will “meat” your expectations 😉

Can you choose your tapa? No. But I’ll bet you that the first tapa will be what you see in the pic above.

FIND IT: Calle Navas, 27, 18009 Granada (Barrio Realejo)



…VEGGIE LOVERS, now it’s your turn! If you’re looking for the best vegan tapas in Granada, look no further. I went on a hunt to find the best veggie tapas joint, and this swept the others under the veggie dust. The tapas are small, but are packed with LOTS of flavor. The coolest part? It’s located inside a medieval wall.

Can you choose your tapa? Nope. But I can tell ya’ this…it’ll be something with vegetables.

FIND IT: Cuesta de Abarqueros, 3, 18010 Granada (Barrio Albaycín)

Taberna Chica

'Cause there's no other way a night in spain should end.

And to finish off the night, head to the “small tavern” aka Taberna Chica!  Most bars stop serving tapas at 12:00…but why stop there? After all, we’re in the land of tapas! Not only do they have awesome wine and little “tapitas” to choose from, but the late night vibes are on point! The bartenders are jolly and just downright awesome, and the crowd is lively and local. If you come on the right night, you might even catch some Granadinos clapping, dancing and singing Flamenco. OLÉ!

Can you choose your tapa?  Yep! My suggestion? Every night should end with a plate of freshly cut jamón de bellota and/or some Manchego.

FIND IT: Calle Jesús y María, 2, 18009 Granada (Barrio Realejo)

And there you have it! My 8 heavy-hitters for the damn best tapas in Granada. Stay tuned next week for Part 2: The Best Wine Bars in Granada!

And don’t forget…I give tapas tours here in Granada! Sign up here!

Have I missed one on the list? Where’s the best tapas you’ve ever had in Granada? Which of these spots is #1 on your bucket list?!


9 thoughts on “The AWC Guide to the Best Tapas Bars in Granada

  1. Have you tried Los Diamantes in Calle Navas? They make the best fish in town! But you need to arrive early, since the place is tiny and always crammed with people. Definitely my fave spot!

    1. Hi Luis! Yes, of course. I actually live right next door! Because it’s already a very famous spot, i tried to write about the lesser known bars that haven’t yet been discovered in articles. But if you like seafood, that’s the perfect bar!

      1. OK, I see… Then let me suggest two places you may not know… yet. The first one is Bar Provincias, next to the cathedral. They have excellent seafood. The second is Bar Romero, in calle Bruselas 58. If you ever want to give it a try, I recommend you to order a “romero”, their best tapa. This is a delicious bit made of anchovies, red pepper and serrano. The combination is awesome!

  2. Thanks Ms. Casiedilla! I will definitely have to try each and every suggestion you have listed. I will be in Granada for about 10 days or so, and what a “weight” off my shoulders to know the top “toppas” bars. I have followed your delicious suggestions through the years you have never disappointed! Thanks for narrowing the “playing field”….Go Patriots!

  3. Anything around El Albaicín from al Hambra side? want to have a lunch after visiting el Hambra and heading walking to El Albaicín 🙂 not veggie..

    1. Hey Sherif! Happy to help. If you’re looking for something extremely authentic and “Granadino”, go to Bodegas Castañeda! One of the most historic “bodegas” in Granada, it’s right on the way, walking down from the Alhambra towards the Albaicin. It’s right off Calle Elvira, which is at the bottom of the Albaicin before you head uphill – that way you can burn off all that delicious jamón and queso as you walk up 😉 PS- I recommend trying their homemade vermouth! Warning- the place is usually packed. I hope this helps!

      Happy eating!
      -Casie/ AWC

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