Winter in Ibiza: Off the “Beachin” Path

When you think of Ibiza, you probably immediately thing of these words: rage, DJs, topless girls, boat parties and booze. 

Well, that’s not the Ibiza I experienced.

A couple of days before the weekend, I was checking SkyScanner for cheap flights (as I do on a daily basis) and I saw 40€ roundtrip tickets to Ibiza. So, as any logical person would do, I BOUGHT them! I didn’t know much about Ibiza in the winter, but I knew there wouldn’t be naked people running around doing keg stands in the streets…

Here’s what I found out about Ibiza winter:

It’s a ghost town.

Ibiza winter

I was in shock when I saw how many stores, restaurants, tourism offices, hotels…everything was closed! But that wasn’t going to ruin my fun. And it shouldn’t ruin yours either!

Instead, winter in Ibiza is about one thing: Nature. Sweet, beautiful, lush, island nature.

Now, I’m A Wandering Casiedilla for god sake. You guys know me better than to settle for just nature! As you could’ve probably guessed, I hunted down the best restaurant and bar in town. So good, I’d even go back in the summer!

Got a whole day to spend in Ibiza?

Here’s the perfect 24-hour-itinerary:

Breakfast at Croissant Show

Ibiza Winter

Santa Eulalia is the second biggest city in Ibiza after “Ibiza Town”. If you’re staying in Ibiza town, hop on a short 20-min bus to Santa Eulalia, where you’ll spend the first half of your day. Get breakfast at this adorable, tiny French-influenced cafe and get…you guessed it, a croissant! Of course, accompanied by a bangin’ cup O coffee.

Hike to the cliff’s edge for gorgeous views of the Mediterranean

Ibiza Winter
Now that you got your carbs and caffeine in, you’re ready for the “hike”! (For those of you not into real “hikes,” don’t worry; it’s more like an uphill walk, only 30 minutes from town). From the center of Santa Eulalia, walk to the coast. When facing the coast, look to your right: you’ll see a mountain that looks over the Mediterranean Sea. That’s the one you’ll be walking up! The first 15 minutes of the walk is along residential streets. Then, as you continue up, the paved road will stop and turn into a dirt road. Continue along the dirt road  about 10 minutes more; when your intuition tells you, make a left into the forest towards the sea. Keep walking. About 5 minutes more, you’ll reach the breathtakingly  bluetiful Mediterranean. Don’t worry, you can’t miss it!

And don’t forget your snacks…

Ibiza Winter

Jamòn, Manchego cheese and wine. Mediterranean picnic while staring at the Mediterranean Sea? This, my friends, was the most Mediterranean moment of my life.

Dinner at Comida Bar San Juan

After you’ve taken the bus back to Ibiza Town and taken your post Mediterranean-hike siesta…it’s feeding hour once again! This tiny Spanish tavern in the old town is the spot. It might be one of the only restaurants open in Ibiza’s old town in the winter, but no doubt if the others were open, it would still be the best. The family-run restaurant has been cooking amazing, local Ibizan cuisine made with loads of love for 85 years! They are constantly changing out their fish specials, based on the fresh catches of the day. My recommendations? You’re on an island…Get whatever comes from the sea, like this chargrilled octopus!

Ibiza Winter

Because of limited table space, don’t be surprised when you’re seated at a table shared with other people. That’s part of the charm! I was put at a round table with two lovely Dutch girls. Two courses and 3 on-the-house-shots later (thank you wonderful waiters!) we were all best friends.

Ibiza Winter

Live music at Teatro Peyreyra

Next, it’s time to get your Ibiza on! Well, without the techno DJ and jello shots. Head around the corner with your new friends from Comida Bar San Juan (or not) and catch live music at this super vibey bar. The house band is awesome, and the singer has a voice that’ll send chills down your spine. Be prepared to dance! PS: Drinks are crazy expensive here, charging twice as much when live music is on (7.50 for a beer from the tap…) So, be prepared.

Ibiza Winter

And there you have it! A taste of the beautiful island in the winter, without the locura of the summer fiestas. Of course, one day is just never enough…

Have you experienced Ibiza in the winter? Do you have any recommendations to share?! Grab your beach windbreaker and Ibizamos!

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