Street Food Friday: Da Nang’s Famous Mi Quang Noodles….for Breakfast?

Central Vietnam loves their Mi Quang. They eat it for lunch. They eat it for dinner. And yes…they even eat it for breakfast.  

Wait a minute! What is Mi Quang? 

mi quang

Great question! “Mi” noodle refers to the type of thick rice noodle used in the dish. A traditional Mi Quang will have pork, shrimp, a hard-boiled egg, fresh herbs and peanuts doused in a turmeric sauce. However, there are countless version of “Mi Quang” – you can find it with chicken (Mi Quang Ga), fish (Mi Quang ca loc), beef (Mi Quang Bo)…the list goes on. However, whatever the variation of protein, it’s always almost served in the signature turmeric sauce with herbs and peanuts.

People from Da Nang proudly claim Mi Quang as their own, and when asked, many will tell you that “mi quaaa” is their favorite food.

Ok. Sounds tasty…but for breakfast?

Oh yes, for breakfast. Watch this (entire) video and you’ll get it.

(Disclaimer: this hilariously well-done video is an extraordinarily accurate representation of life in Da Nang, Vietnam. And it will be stuck in your head for the rest of the day. )

There is no “breakfast food” in Vietnam like we think of in Western countries. That’s right…no eggs and bacon, no pancakes, no waffles and no tostadas. It’s noodle soups here, all day ‘errday. When you think breakfast in Vietnam, think Pho (the oh-so-famous beef noodle soup), Bun Bo Hue (spicy beef noodle soup), Hu Tieu (pork noodle soup), bun cha ca (fish noodle soup) and Banh Mi if you want a good ol’ “breakfast” sandwich. In Da Nang, around 7 am you’ll find countless Mi Quang pop-up spots lining the streets, locals sitting on tiny plastic chairs hunched over a bowl of herby-noodly-goodness to start their day.

Okay, so at first I thought it was a weird way to start the day too. But when you think about it…Mi Quang has got everything a good breakfast should have! It’s got carbs from the noodles, it’s packed with protein from the nuts and pork, and to top it off, it even’s got an egg!

Where to eat Mi Quang in Da Nang:

My personal favorite breakfast/ lunch spot: 58 Quang Trung in the city center. Open from 7am – 1pm, look for the little street stand that says “Mi Quang” to the right of the big red “Hot Hot” restaurant. Ms. Quang herself makes everything, even the noodles (which are especially thick and delicious) from scratch every morning.

A famous Mi Quang landmark: “Mi Quang Ba Vi” at 106 Le Dinh Duong st.  in the city center. Open from 6am – 11pm.

Vegetarian Mi Quang: “Quan Chay Thuy” at 122 Hoáng Dieu in the city center. Open from 6am –  10:30pm.

Would you eat Mi Quang for breakfast?

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