1) Tetería Ali Babá


Why:  I tested out five different teterías. I chose this one for the service, quality of tea, and unbeatable prices. So this day I was out of cash, and like every other place in Granada, there is a 10€ credit card minimum. I actually had difficulty spending 10€’s here, because everything is so cheap! Wakid, my friendly waiter was extremely knowledgeable about the different types of teas, and very helpful when it came to explaining the many unknowns on the menu. The crepe was bomb. And so were the couches, which I learned are all directly from Morocco. Wakid explained to me that Ali Baba is the only purely Moroccan tetería in Granada, without an external Spanish influence. It’s the real deal.

Price: 3 €. Go crazy.

Find it: Calle Caldería Nueva 25, Albayzín

2) Rincon del Sabor


Why: I was like a kid in a candy shop. Or a tea shop I should say. This gourmet tea and “goodies” tienda carries products only from Andalucía. Obviously, specializing in their unique selection of hand blended teas, selected by the jolly store owner, Jose Luiz. However,there is much more to be bought here than just tea. A huge selection of “fresh” dried fruits, fancy blended sea salts (I bought sea salt blended with chamomile and cinnamon!), fresh spices, and gourmet cheeses. And the best part? Jose Luiz wants to give you free samples.

Price: A bag of tea usually rounds out to about 4€, as does the dried fruit and salts. But you can add more/ less according to your budget!

Find it: Calle Panaderos 6, Albayzín

3) La Fragua Bar de Tapas


Why: Here’s the fun thing. It’s always a SURPRISE! Once you order your 2€ drink of choice (a cerveza, sangria, wine, etc..) they choose the tapa for you! It keeps things exciting, don’t ya think? And vegetarians, don’t fret. All you have to do is tell them, and they will bring you a veggie tapa. I got lucky with some paella. What will you get?

Price. 2€.

Find it: Calle Horno del Hoyo 4

4) Reina Monica


Why: The perfect place to tapa hop after La Fragua. Why? Because now its YOUR turn to pick! And there is quite the selection to pick from, might I add. The best part is that you get to see all of the tapas before you choose, so you know exactly what you are getting…unlike most times us foreigners attempt to order from a Spanish menu. No surprises here. Pick not one, but two! Drink included.

Price: 2€

Find it: Calle Panaderos 20

5) Jardines de Zoraya

Jardines de Zoraya: Calle Panaderos, 32

Why: Finish your tapa tour at this Flamenco bar and restaurant, where we can pretend we are not broke backpackers. With the higher class ambience and fancy plating, it’s almost as if we can afford fine dining. But the best part? We don’t have to! For a glass of the best sangria I have had thus far, and these beautifully crafted tapas, it will cost you a small price of (you guessed it…)

Price: 2€!

Find it: Calle Panaderos 32

6) Baraka

Calle Caldedería Nueva 1

Why: Cheapest Kebabs, for the best best best quality. The location is fabulous, right in the center of all the hub-bub of the Albayzín, but your not paying “the center of hub-bub” prices. You will find a constant flow of kebab-lovers here, starting at 11 am and running into the wee hours of the loooooong Spanish night. That must mean it’s good…

Price: 3-4 Euro’s. It’s 50 cents cheaper to “para llevar!”

Find it: Calle Caldereria Nueva 1, in the Albayzín

Have you been to one of these spots? If so, comment below and let us know your thoughts!

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