1) Cuchara de Palo

Why:  The name literally translates to “wooden spoon,” and that is what you will eat with (if you decide to get the Gazpacho soup, which I HIGHLY recommend). The concept is cheap, social eats served in a modern, funky way…in a paper cone. The tapas are not your traditional, run of the mill Spanish fair. They have a flair. For example, I ordered honey glazed eggplant tempura sticks, coated with sesame seeds (as seen above). Mmmmmm. A perfect please to sit back, relax, and nommm after walking up the steep, hilly streets of Toledo.

Price: 3€ tapa “cones.” 6€ Raciones (full portions).

Find it: Calle Santa Fe 1

2)IL Cappuccino

photo (2)

Why:  TO GO (para llevar) COFFEE EXISTS! This adorable, independently owned coffee shop does not only serve delicious “to go” coffee, but iced coffee AND frozen cappuccinos. The owner, Andréa, makes all of his coffee with love and lots of knowledge, as he moved to Toledo from Rome, Italy…all to start Il Cappuccino.

Price: 1-3€, depending how fancy you want your coffee.

Find it: Across from Plaza Don Diego

Have you been to one of these spots? If so, comment below and let us know your thoughts!