The Casiedilla has Landed

OK. So good news friends and family: I am alive.

photo 5 (3) After two weeks of some hardcore wandering and eating, I have conquered my way through Madrid… Toledo… Ran into this dude in Cáceres…

And finally, Fregenal de la Sierra.

photo 2 (3)

Needless to say, it has been quite the whirlwind. Today is the first day in two weeks I have had the opportunity to sit down and take a deep breath, knowing I have the newfound comfort of an unpacked suitcase (God, I hope wrinkly clothes are in style here…). I even have my own snuggly bed, my own refrigerator shelf complete with peanut butter and hot sauce, and the best part…WI FI.

Hello world, I’M BACK. So here’s a quick update. In the past two weeks, I have gotten lost in Madrid with two sweet-as-fuk Aussies. I was given a personal city tour by a Romanian who YOLO-ed life to work at a hostel in Madrid. I was adopted into the friend group of four Italians traveling through Toledo. I formed an unlikely friendship with a Dominican waiter who moved to Madrid with his family for a better life. And finally, found hometown support from a Pennsylvania girl backpacking through Spain by herself; pretty much the blonde version of myself.

SPOTTED: An Aussie wearing the twin to my lucky elephant necklace
FOUND: The matching mate to my one-of-a-kind lucky elephant necklace

There are some pretty freakin’ awesome people out there. Now, this is first time in my life I’ve ever truly been alone. And when I say alone, I mean waking up in the morning with absolutely no obligation to anyone, but yourself. And let me tell you, IT’S AWESOME. I’m not gonna lie, the first couple of days took some getting used to. That fateful first morning, I was as lost a Spanish nun in a “discoteca”. What in the world do I do now? Who do I eat breakfast with? Who do I talk about my first night in Madrid to? Omg, I actually have no friends in this country... PANIC. And then that panic turned into a burst of excitement. OMG, I can actually do whatever I want. It’s quite the powerful realization. The world is literally at your fingertips, and there’s not a single person, restriction, or obligation holding you back. There’s nobody hurrying you to walk down the streets quicker. There’s nobody telling you where the “best” place to eat is. There’s nobody rushing you out of that debatably-boring antique store, where all you want to do is keep talking to the store owner about the elaborate history behind each and every little chachki. Heck, if I wanna book a trip to Toledo tomorrow, I will! And I did. Corny as F, I know. But true. So, I marched myself down to the hostel front desk, asked for an old school paper map (yes, they still make those #lifewithoutwifi), and walked out the door. The next two weeks were history. I can’t imagine what the next 9 months have in store…


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Have YOU ever traveled alone? If so, comment below and share your experiences!

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  1. Yay sooo great!!!! I’m so happy for you! I cannot wait to hear about all your adventures! Btw if you ever do get lost in Sevilla and need someone or just wanna be shown all the best nightlife Javi, my boy, will be living there in like 3 weeks to finish his masters and if he has time, I’m sure he’d love to take you out with all his friends! they’re a blast! so his name is javi aguilar diaz! you should friend him on facebook, ill let him know to expect an american request. besitos chiquita!!!

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